The Pros and Cons of Dating a Girlfriend Who’s Into Football


Despite all the beliefs that football is mostly considered to be interesting for men only, there are a lot of girls who enjoy watching football. And while you may think that they are watching it only because they find football players sexy, they can actually beat you in terms of rules and general knowledge about the game and its history. Next time you are chatting with someone on Casanovastyle.com or any other dating site or app, ask a girl whether she is into football. You may be surprised by the answer.

While you may think that you are lucky to date a girlfriend who’s into football, don’t be too happy about it. Everything has its own pros and cons. But don’t think that all the disadvantages are created by the girl. Most of the cons can be easily terminated, as they are mostly in your head rather than in reality. But let’s stop fooling around and dig into the pros and cons of dating a girlfriend who’s into football. We would start with the pros…


1. You Have a Lot to Talk About

Generally when you are in a conversation with a girl, you feel a little bit lost and frustrated, as you don’t really know what to talk about with her. Well, if she’s into football you have absolutely no problems. You have a lot of things in common. The only argument that you may face is the fact that you may be fans of different football teams.

2. You Spend Time With Your Friends Together

Generally you discuss football with your friends and your girlfriend is not welcomed there. Of course, she doesn’t like that and you feel like you are in a crossfire. On the one hand your friends want to spend time with them to discuss football, on the other hand your girlfriend get angry by the fact that you won’t take her with you. Now, you are not going to have problems like that, as your girlfriend would be eager to discuss football with your friends.

3. You Watch The Games Together

You know how it goes. You want to watch the game, but she wants to watch some soap opera. And you argue. Now, you won’t have problems like that, cause you are going to watch the game together.


1. What If You’re Not Into Football?

Well, here’s the first disadvantage of dating a girlfriend who is into football. You may be not into football. Believe it or not, it won’t take her long to start shaming you for not liking football. Gladly, most of the online dating services allow finding a partner based on mutual interests. Thus, you won’t get into trouble.

2. You Can’t Spend Time With Your Friends Alone

While it is great that you don’t have to choose between spending time with your girlfriend or with your friends, sometimes you feel that you would rather spend time with your friends without her. But here’s where problems occur. She wants to go with you to your friends and your friends view you as somethings inseparable. And you end up asking yourself whether you are still relevant to your friends without your girlfriend?

3. Your Paranoia

Last but not the least on the list of disadvantages of dating a girlfriend who is into football is your paranoia. You are quite okay with the fact that she’s into football. Moreover, you enjoy it. But then, all of a sudden, you start suspecting her that she is watching football because she has fantasies about football players.

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