Fun Dating Facts You May Have Never Heard of

A date – there are so many warmest and romantic memories associated with this word. It turns out there are a lot of fun real-life and online dating facts that can surprise or even amuse you. Check out this selection of the most interesting ones from

On average, a person goes on at least for a hundred dates before marrying

Perhaps some of us are so active because they want to move to stable and lasting relationships as soon as possible. Oh, and don’t think that running away from a blind date a few seconds after you meet your companion doesn’t count.

Most often, couples break up in the first 3-5 months

Well, at least, most of the relationships don’t end that painfully. The phase preceding this interval is usually a sweet time of romance, but once the magic disappears, you should be careful. From this moment, you should treat your partner especially carefully until you cross the line of 6 months.

People tend to fall in love with each other if a date is associated with an adventure

No doubt, we love the danger and the pleasant excitement associated with it, and these feelings connect us with other people. Try going to a salsa lesson or a concert, or anywhere else together. The main thing here is to not turn a date into a boring evening with dinner and romantic comedies.

Ideally, you should wait two to four days, before calling your companion after the first date

Guess you can call that one of the common dating facts. Is this the secret of the three-day rule? Kind of. Since this is quite an individual question, everyone decides when to call for themselves, but two or four days is a perfect interval. Whatever you do, just don’t call her the next day after the date if you don’t want to look desperate.

It takes three seconds to decide whether you like a person or not

This fact was kindly provided by the University of Pennsylvania where researchers studied the data of 10,000 speed-dating events participants. This fact only confirms the importance of the first impression.

On average, couples go on 6-7 dates before considering their relationship serious

It seems to be true, but it doesn’t mean you should take all those fun facts about dating seriously and start counting the number of dates to find out what kind of relationship you are in at the moment. Just listen to yourself.

Speed-dating was invented by a Rabbi in 1999

According to some sources, Rabbi Yaacov Deyo from Los Angeles came up with this idea to help busy and single members of his flock find each other. The idea quickly spread, and the rest is history now.

Bar counters were designed to make it easier for visitors to look at each other

The same applies to those large mirrors behind counters – through them, it’s convenient to look at people sitting behind you.

Four out of ten office romances end with marriage

In fact, this is a fantastic chance to find that special someone! Although in our time, flirting is strictly prohibited in many companies, and there’s a good explanation for that: what about those 6 outta 10 that end with a breakup? And these people have to work in one office with each other every single day.

The French don’t appreciate their loved ones’ gifts

Here’s one of the peculiar interracial dating facts. French men are famous for their gallantry. But apart from that, they are also a bit pragmatic towards gifts they get from their girlfriends. They have nothing against giving these gifts to others or even sell them. As for dating, they love asking girls out to for walks or to restaurants. But there’s one unspoken condition: the girl pays for herself.

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